This sub-$500 CNC machine can cut complex shapes out of wood, a great addition to any workshop.

We feature a lot of how-to and diy projects here at Popular Mechanics, but many of them require an expensive piece of equipment: a CNC router. These computer-controlled cutting machines can create highly complex cuts that are nearly impossible to make with standard tools. A CNC machine can take otherwise impossible projects and makes them easy. Cnc Router Bit Set

Make Complex Cuts With Dirt-Cheap CNC Router

While some of you may have access to the tools to replicate these great projects, many more do not; CNC machines are expensive. And if you're a hobbyist who's always wanted one, but could never justify the cost, today might be your lucky day.

The Maslow router, currently on Kickstarter, is an affordable CNC router that's also compact. It's a 4'x8' router, meaning you'll be able to cut pieces large enough for pretty much any project, and it's currently available for $350, which is about ten times cheaper than you'd find elsewhere for a router this size.

The Maslow comes as a kit, so you'd have to assemble it yourself, but there are easy-to-follow instructions and a forum in case you get stuck. As with any crowdfunded project, you're donating, not buying, and there are always risks involved, so spend your money wisely and do your research.

The product is expected to ship in May of 2017, although you can pay extra for a beta version which should arrive a few months earlier. And soon you'll be creating complex cuts and following along with our most advanced how-to videos.

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Make Complex Cuts With Dirt-Cheap CNC Router

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